From glass like skin to glossy lips and nails, shiny hair is a go to. But more importantly, it's a sign of health. We’re sharing five ways to help your mane shine bright and look slippery soft. Learn the steps to take for healthier and luscious strands below.


Tip 1: Use a clarifying shampoo to rid the scalp of buildup (don’t forget to condition)
“A clarifying shampoo is designed to remove buildup from your hair. Your haircare products can leave a residue on your strands. Hard water and chemicals from swimming pools can also contribute to buildup. A clarifying shampoo is basically a shampoo that offers a deep cleanse for your hair—in a way, it’s a hair detox.

Conditioners help smooth the hair’s cuticle, giving you shiny hair. Seen conditioner is silicone-free, so it provides weightless moisture and shine without leaving a silicone residue that can build up and potentially dull the hair. If you have long hair, you can focus the conditioner on the ends for added hydration.”


The Ouai (seriously tho, your hair will be light glossy and bouncy)



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