The $10 Hack to GROW YOUR HAIR NATURALLY – West Label

It was after a couple weeks of using Jojoba oil as a face oil that I noticed my lashes and eyebrows looking better. So naturally I started slathering my hair with it and massaging it into my scalp. And guess what! Lashes once damaged by lash extensions and my stress induced slow hair growth started to improve! Significantly! 

What to do: 
standard overnight hair mask and scalp massage, wash and style as usual.
Or you can take a daily route. While you’re in the shower, mix a couple of drops of jojoba  oil into your shampoo and massage your scalp, and lather from the roots to the ends of your hair. This helps thicken your mane and promotes hair growth. 
After shampooing with the oil (and rinsing) to only condition the ends. We must warn you that your hair will be oily for a few days while it gets used to the process. The affordable and natural hack is definitely worth a couple of greasy hair days that will ultimately lead to healthier and glossier strands. So when you are at whole foods, browsing on Amazon grab that bottle of Jojoba oil!
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