I found myself without a job and with my one-year-old twins. Sure, I had a wonderful husband who could manage our expenses, but my own financial freedom and sense of financial strength was gone. I came from extreme poverty and had finally lifted myself out of it by the age of 30, only to be left starting over again. So I started an international business and am on track for growth, independence and a sense of work ethic I can teach my children. 


I was laid off from my marketing manager position from a fortune 500 job during the start of the pandemic while I was on maternity leave. They said it was due to the impact of the pandemic. I was one of the highest-ranking employees, yet it didn’t matter. The company had an extensive track record, they laid off every woman that went on maternity leave. Against the law; yes, but this is a sad reality we face. Women are discriminated against, mothers even more so. In fact 47% of females with children are hired, compared to 84% of females without children and are recommended $11 000 less in salary.


With an uphill battle against me in the unpredictable job market of 2020, I decided to start www.westlabelremyhair.com. The product, hair extensions. You might be thinking that’s an odd move, a product that seems uninspired. However, it was a product I knew very well. After giving birth to my twins I had extensive hair loss. It was something I wasn’t new to. Years of anaemia, stress and genetics have caused me to become dependent on hair extensions. I had done hair extensions on the side for more than a decade. Did cosmo school in high school and new all the ins and outs. Had been certified several times in hair extension methods. 

As I am a women who stands behind her word and could never sleep at night if something wasn't right. I traveled and searched high and low for the perfect hair. Spent months working with the most trusted factories in Europe. We learned the dirty side of hair extensions that come from anywhere but Russia. We learned the sad reality of some hair factories and how they treat their staff. 

It is with great honour that I can say it is possible to change the norm, to make and work in an industry and product a product that is ethical.  A product that doesn't impoverish and destroy female communities. 

This new career move towards entrepreneurship was motivated entirely by female struggles, both physically and financially. Through adversity, we find our strengths and our freedom. 


In future blog posts we will go into the hair indsutry, where is comes from and why it is so important to know. 


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