Hand-Tied Weft Description



Made with the highest grade of pure Russian remy hair, these extensions are designed to last and look incredibly natural. Hand-tied wefts are the thinnest wefts that are used for the Beaded Rows application method available to use on hair types, especially thin or fine hair due to the ultra thin weft design. The hand-tied weft is a super flat weft that can be used to bead in, sew in, or glue in for instant transformation, this method is 100% non-damaging, and the weft is strong and durable to reuse many times.

This ultra-thin weft uses cuticle-intact, premium Remy hair and designed to be seamless. Hand Tied Weft is a favorite among stylists because it creates a natural look. This two-in-one weft is recommended for professional use ONLY and will need two to three bundles for a full transformation. 
Remy Cuticle Human Hair
- Double Drawn 
- Hand Tied Weft 
- Reusable
- 3-6 packs needed for a full application
- Professional use only



West Label Hair is made with multi-tone blue based adapt coloring system, which helps the extensions blend with your hair seamlessly even if your own hair shade is slightly different. It also means it will never go brassy on you. 

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