Ponytail Description

For the sleek and polished look or the lazy Sunday the wrap pony is your best friend. An easy one-piece application, Ponytail Extension let you give your ponytail a glow up in minutes! Perfect for days when you don’t feel like wearing your hair down or dealing with multiple wefts, the Ponytail Extension gives you another reason to love second day hair.
Wefts are attached to a soft lace base with a velcro strap. Every Insta Pony comes with a long silky strand to wrap around (cover the attachment). use the clip installed in the pony and add a few bobby pins of your choice to secure it to your own hair. 
Our extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair and come
straight and smooth out of the box, however, they can be curled and
styled just like your own hair. Remy hair is the highest quality human
hair on the market. Unbelievably versatile, Hair extensions naturally
blend with your own hair and can be styled with hot tools.
Grams per length
18 Inches: 100 Grams
20 Inches: 120 Grams
22 Inches: 150 Grams
24 Inches 150 Grams
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