Tape ins - 18 Champagne


Inspired by the light that shines from a glass of champagne, this deep blonde tone will leave you feeling bubbly. 



  • 20 pcs per 50 grams
  • American Blue Tape (Strongest anti-allergenic tape) 
  • Can be reused easily for 12+ months
  • Tape tabes are ultra-thin, flexible and durable. 
  • 100% Virgin Remy Hair


  • For a full head application, clients need 3-6 packs depending on the desired outcome. 
  • A full head can be installed in 40 min 
  • The average wear time in between move-ups is 6 weeks

50 Grams per pack

3-6 for a full head
2-3 for half
1-2 for fill 

    Tape In Description
    Exchange Policy
    Certified 100% Remy Human Hair
    Full Cuticle Intact
    Fast Shipping
    Free Shipping World Wide
    Easy Exchanges
    Easy 30 day policy
    Dedicated Customer service
    Trained and experienced team
    Longest Lasting Extensions
    Lasts 12 months or more
    Ethically Sourced from Russia
    Sustainably made

    I feel like a new person

    Short to long in under an hour

    All the way yes

    Amazing hair

    Lasts a long time

    Used and abused it, still going strong

    100% Remy Human Hair

    Did you know tape extensions are the most requested semi-permanent method in salons worldwide? Tape Ins take 40 minutes to apply and all of our tape in extensions are made with tape in the US! Our Tape Hair is made with 100% Russian Remy Hair crafted using genuine cuticle Remy hair. Hair lasts 12 + months and should be moved up every 6-8 weeks.

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