Invisible Tape - T1b/6 Rooted Bronze Godess Ombre – West Label

Invisible Tape - T1b/6 Rooted Bronze Godess Ombre


A shade inspired by the sunny coasts of Italy this deep bronzed beauty creates the perfect amount of highlights to this brunette shade.


  • 40 pcs per 100 grams
  • American Blue Tape (Strongest anti-allergenic tape) 
  • Can be reused easily for 12+ months
  • Tape tabes are ultra-thin, flexible and durable. 
  • 100% Virgin Remy Hair


  • For full head application, clients need 1-3 packs depending on the desired outcome. 
  • A full head can be installed in 40 min 
  • 50 Grams can be ordered upon request
  • The average wear time in between move-ups is 6 weeks
Invisa Tape Description
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Fast Free Shipping World Wide
Easy 60 day exchanges and returns
Dedicated Customer service
Certified 100% Remy Human Hair
Lasts 12 months or more
Ethically Sourced from Russia
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