Join our Stylist Affiliate Program

Use our hair and earn commission. It's as easy as 1,2,3 $$.

1. Have your client purchase on our website.

2. We mail them their hair.

3. You install it and charge for your services.

4. We send you commission on every order made with your affiliate link.

How to Join

Free to join

No fees, no over head! Earn commission on all orders.

Our program is easy, we add you to our recommended stylist list and direct customers to you.

Grow your business

You get to grow your business and services without having to have any overhead. Promote as you need, and grow as you need. The sky is the limit and we are here to support you.


In addition to adding you to our directory, we supply you with all the digital tools you need to grow your business. After all, we only make money if you make money.

Certified West Label

Earn 15% Commission

Have 1-5 clients who have used West Label Hair

Diamond Level

Earn 20% Commission

10 + Clients who have used West Label Hair


Affiliate Stylists


Hold certification or have training in extension application methods:

Weft, Individual, Tape.

Colour Ring

For an optimized client consultation please purchase our 14 inch colour ring. Fee is $80.00 shipping is free. Please note this fee is at cost.

Social Media

As we support you in growing your business, we require you to have a social media account.


Must have a studio/chair to work from.

Stylist Program

Personal Discount

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